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Who We Are

We're here to proliferate modern, high-quality, and secure software development throughout the Naval Enterprise by providing technologies, services, and methodologies that allow more of your team's time and energy to be focused on end user value delivery. We'll show your team how to shorten your capability delivery cycle through DevSecOps Culture, Agile and Lean Methodologies, CI/CD Automation, Lighthouse & Party Barge, Software Modernization, and Accelerated Cyber Accreditation.


Day 0 operation is the hardest and most expensive part of digital transformation. We have products and services designed to accelerate your team and enable you to being your focus back to where it needs to be: rapidly delivering war wining capability across all domains & all missions

Party Barge

The Party Barge is a Naval DevSecOps environment delivered as Software as a Service. Development teams can onboard today and immediately develop and deploy software within a robust and compliant software pipeline.


Lighthouse is ths foundational software platform for the Naval Enterprise. Lighthouse provides the Infrastrucure as Code (IaC) to deploy a rock solid PaaS in the cloud, in the data center, or in an operational environment.

Iron Bank

In collaboration with Platform One, Black Pearl contributes to and leverages secure containers from the Iron Bank. Iron Bank provides a secure baseline on which to build your software systems.


We believe in enabling and empowering every team across the Naval enterprise. DevSecOps isn't a course that you can take or a degree path, but something that you have to live and breathe to truly experience and understand. We are a team of seasoned practitioners with proven industry track records ready to lead digital transformation across the Naval enterprise by working with your team and arming you with the necessary knowledge, skill, and people for a successful digital transformation.  Here are some of the enablement topics that we're looking forward to engaging your team, and we are looking forward to speaking to you and discovering anywhere we may help.

DSO Transformation

Shift Left

Agile Development

Go Fast Forever

Lean Management

Lead to Production

App Modernization

Refactor & Greenfield


Accelerate Your Dev Project

Continuous ATO

Always Be Shipping

Our Journey

This is our journey as the Depart of the Navy's Software Practice and Naval Enterprise Platform. We look forward to having you join our story.

  • July 1 2020

    Team Inception

    We began on our journey to answer a simple question: can we launch a platform based on the DoD DevSecOps reference design in 100 days?

  • July 2020

    Joint Partnership

    We reached out to our friends in Platform One and formed a partnership to jointly operate their implementation of the DoD DSO reference design

  • July ~ September 2020

    Getting to Work

    Our platform team Lighthouse began working with Platform One's Big Bang team to develop and deploy Black Pearl's DSO baseline

  • September 14 2020


    We beat all odds and records and launched with 25 days left on our initial success metric of 100 days and thrilled to be designated as a Software Practice within the Department of the Navy

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